vrijdag 10 februari 2012

How to get accepted

To get started, you first have to register for a FileIce account. To do this, simply visit the FileIce website and fill out the online application form located in the registration area. The information you submit will then be forwarded to a FileIce employee for evaluation.


Remember to keep your application formal. Lack of grammar and an obvious display of poor literacy will instantly lower your chances of approval.

Self-explanatory, enter your full name.
It will benefit your application if your email address appears formal. If you already own existing websites related to online marketing, it might be worth using one of the domains to create a webmail account solely for your application. You should aim to ensure your email address stands out as being non-generic.
Your affiliate marketing experience*:
Be honest. If you have marketing experience, provide web references and profit statistics as evidence to support your statements. If you do not have marketing experience, explain what experience you might have in related fields. How computer literate are you? How much time can you dedicate to improving your marketing abilities? Do you have an online portfolio?
Your marketing methods*:
Again, be honest. If you have marketing methods you're currently using or have used in the past, provide web references and profit statistics as evidence to support your statements. If you do not have any marketing methods, explain what methods you are aware of and intend to explore. Which methods do you intend to practice? Do you have any practical resources you can apply them to?
Monthly marketing income ($US)*:
Again, be honest. Do not underestimate the FileIce recruiters, they are highly experienced in the fields of marketing. If you make radical profit claims, they will cross-reference your corresponding experience and immediately recognise any fallacious statements. If you've already explained that you have no marketing experience, they'll understand if your monthly marketing income amounts to Nil.
Websites (if applicable):
Any sites that you own can tell a lot about you and your potential to grow as a Publisher. Again, be honest. FileIce may choose to investigate any claims you make prior to approval.
FileIce does not accept everybody that applies and no official requirements regarding potential Publishers has ever been publicly announced. Therefore, it's important you're honest in your application and provide all necessary information theregistration form requests. If you are approved, you will receive a confirmation email containing your new FileIce account credentials.

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